About us

Our purpose is to deliver lasting commercial and social benefit. To live up to this ambition, we adopt an approach we call Living Cities which aims to guide and inspire our property activities.

Achieving strong commercial returns enables our activities to be enduring.

Applying our expertise with a far-sighted perspective to improve properties and places provides a positive impact on communities, neighbourhoods and cities.

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The Grosvenor family history dates back over 1000 years; their association with property beginning over 340 years ago when land to the west of the City of London came into the family following the marriage of Mary Davies to Sir Thomas Grosvenor. Developing what were once swamps, pastures and orchards into London’s fashionable Mayfair in the 1720s, elegant Belgravia a hundred years later, and expanding the business internationally from the 1950s onwards, the Grosvenor name has since become associated with world-class real estate.

Living Cities

Contributing to the enduring success of cities

Contributing to the enduring success of cities

We work in some of the most dynamic cities around the world.

Urbanisation is recognised as one of the defining forces of the modern world. With 340 years’ experience as steward of our London estate, we believe we can help cities grow and evolve in ways that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

We aim to make a long-term contribution to the future success of the cities in which we work by using creative design, high-quality building materials and innovative environmental solutions in our development projects, and through intelligent management of our property assets. In doing so, we strive to create places in which people will want to live, work and enjoy their free time.

Delivering a better future

Delivering a better future

By taking a long-term approach, we are able to combine our global expertise with local knowledge and cultural understanding. We want our projects to reflect the spirit of the individual city and to foster thriving communities. We work closely with local communities, businesses and civic authorities, and with our partners, consultants and other developers to achieve this.